Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bayou Fitness Set Adjustable Dumbbells Price

Bayou Fitness Set
This is among the very best adjustable dumbbells
Cost: $147.74 (25lbs); $260.24 (50lbs)

Bayou - FitnessThe Bayou Fitness Set are flexible dumbbells for sale in two sizes: 5 - 10 and 25lbs - 50lbs.
Such as the Ironmasters, these men are made from chrome-plated steel, producing them pretty durable, as well as their economic layout reduces space efficiently.

Their gleaming steel look additionally makes them look like some thing Money Rogers might raise if he proved to be body builder - and never a c * * t.

$ 260 for that 50 pound dumbbells additionally makes the obvious winners to the Bayou Fitness Set as it pertains to price.
A complete bargain when compared with a number of another brands.

Outline: Easy-to-use, durable, comfy, and also the lowest priced on the checklist!

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